Random Start: Eyehategod – “Flags and Cities Bound”

Eyehategod is a source of disappointment for me. I heard “Serving Time in the Middle” on a Century Media compilation and I really liked it. So when they came through town with Pantera and White Zombie in ‘96, I told all my friends that the opening band was going to be awesome. Having never heard another song by EHG at the time, it became apparent to me, unfortunately not very quickly, that all their songs sounded the same. That, or they played one 20 minute long song. My friends gave me shit after the show, and since teenagers are relentless, it went on for a couple of years. About a month later, some of those same friends and I went to Warped Tour to see Pennywise, NOFX, and Deftones. None of them played that date. We found out that Deftones left Warped to finish off the Pantera/White Zombie tour, so not only were we left Deftones-less, but twice and had to endure EHG. Because I like “Serving Time In the Middle of Nowhere” (as it’s called on their official releases) so much, I guess I couldn’t keep them out of my Spotify library.

Listen to Eyehategod on Spotify


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