Random Start: Group Home – “G.U.R.U. (feat. Jeru the Damaja)”

Even when I was at my peak of hip hop listening in the late 90s, I never ever listened to Group Home. Not for any other reason than I had finite resources (and money) for finding new music, so when their name came up recently while rediscovering Lords of the Underground I figured I’d add some Group Home to the library as well. I love Gang Starr and Jeru, so this seemed like a good random start to hear what GH is all about. Now I know that passing judgment on a hip hop group from the 90s based on a song released in 2010 is ignorant, so I will definitely keep my ears open for early Group Home material, but this beat is wack and the lines are fucking hokey. However, if you ever listen to other hip hop tribute songs (and it seems like there’s an infinite amount) they all kind of follow that formula. The one that’s coming to mind specifically is the closer, “Memorial”, on Cocoa Brovaz’s (Smiff N Wessun) The Rude Awakening where the only cool part on that track is the inclusion of a guest spot by Eek-a-Mouse. Point being, I know better than to dismiss an artist because of their tribute song, but why are they always so bad? If I had a hip hop tribute song written about me I’d want it to be hard, and dissonant (the beat from “Knuckleheadz” comes to mind),‘and gangster as fuck, even though Screech Powers is more gangster than me.

Listen to Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal (get it?!?!) on Spotify


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