I Woke Up Like This: Vision of Disorder – “Element”

Okay, finally. This is a much cooler story than “I heard it twice last week.” Actually, it’s worse because it involves a dream, and who the fuck wants to hear about somebody else’s dream? Let’s find out. So I’m strolling through the park looking for a spot to read my Bible along with some VOD lyrics because it’s a known fact in this universe that VOD lyrics are straight from the Bible, but are used in an evil tone (I think I was mixing my VOD and Bloodlet). After 50 yards of clear park kept filling up in seconds because, ya know, dreams, I found a spot behind this older couple sitting with another older gentleman. When I walked away I realized I left my Bible and when I came back to get it the older couple had happily commandeered it and wanted to chat with me about Jesus or some shit. I said no thanks and that it was just my Bible that I had from my Bible as Literature course from college (which is an actual class I took and I do still have the Bible from it) and I was using it to look up lyrics from a band. Then my alarm went off and “Element” began to play in my head.

Listen to Vision of Disorder on Spotify


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