Random Start: Bloodlet – “Stew for the Murder Minded”

First things first, I would like to apologize for the clunkiness of this post. Anyway, it’s mislabled on YouTube, as “Shoot the Pig” is the song that “Stew for the Murder Minded” bleeds into. Not many hardcore bands have skits on their records. I remember the riff at the end of this song because the first time I saw Bloodlet they played “Shoot the Pig”, without skit, but with the riff intro. Clearly it’s super common, but I was new to shows and It was the first time I had ever seen somebody use just their fret hand to play a riff. Bloodlet was touring as a 4 piece, it was a few weeks before The Seraphim Fall came out and “Shoot the Pig” was the only song I recognized from the show when I bought the album. “Stew for the Murder Minded” is also written on the back of the first Bloodlet shirt I ever owned as it is a line from “CPAI-75″.

Listen to The Seraphim Fall on Spotify


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