Random Start: Fall Silent – “Sunny Days (Sesame Street)”

Fall Silent were kind of the masters of hardcore covers back in the day. They went the direction of Pennywise’s “Stand by Me” and stayed true to the original before bludgeoning it with their own style. I think I told this story before, but fuck it. While in West Palm a local band began playing “Anyway You Want It” and one of the guys from Vaux (they were called Eiffel at the time) started yelling “BOOOO FALL SILENT ALREADY DID IT BOOOOOOOOO!” and I turned around with a big smile on my face and thought “These dudes know Fall Silent? Fuck yeah! BOOOOO!” Point being I’m not the only one who revered their covers.

Anyway, I’m not positive, but I think when I first heard the above cover in the Napster days someone had uploaded it with the first half of Fall Silent’s “The Rulers” as sort of a bonus track at the end of this song. That was my introduction to their original material and it’s a good one because “The Rulers” goes hard.

Listen to Six Years in the Desert on Spotify


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