Random Start: Coalesce – “Grain of Salt”

I believe this song was written, if not released, prior to GTR and FOI, but I didn’t get my hands on it until it was released on CD with the A Safe Place 7″ in… ‘98? I’m finding varying release dates on the internet. Anyway, this song became my favorite by my favorite band because I thought I related to it so much. After dissecting the lyrics years later I realized I had very little in common with the speaker and I was just being selfish with the lyrics. It’s still one of my favorites and hearing it for the first time in a while just reminds me why I can shamelessly answer the “Who’s your favorite band?” question without hesitation when practically everyone else in the world says “I have so many, I can’t pick just one.” I mean, those people are probably right, and there shouldn’t be an absolute to that question, but that’s what separates me from people who aren’t foolish.

Listen to 002: A Safe Place on Spotify


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