Random Start: Lo! – “Aye, Commodore”

I just found out about these guys because they did a piece of merch/one off art kind of thing through my work and I was in touch with one of their members about sharing it over a year ago. Being as I’m an idiot and always judging a book by its cover, I didn’t check the band out because the artwork seemed a little, I don’t know how to describe what I thought… humanesque? What I’m trying to say is that it felt very humanitarian-like, so I thought it would be more along the lines of jam band stuff, if not, at the very least, something enjoyed by people who smoke a lot of weed and contemplate joining the peace corps, but never follow through. When I revisited the artwork just a couple of weeks ago I noticed it was far more grotesque than that and when I looked up Lo! I noticed they were opening for bands that I thoroughly enjoy. Felt like a good time to get into them as they just released a new record this year, but I added all of their Spotfiy materiel to my library, too. Anyway, it teeters somewhere between metallic hardcore and post-metal. Like a less atmospheric and a more to the point Rosetta.

Listen to Look and Behold on Spotify


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