I Woke Up Like This: Eighteen Visions – “Crucified”

Threw on the new 18V album again yesterday, so this was stuck in my head this morning. While I’m stoked that they’re back, I’m finding my opinion of the new record is unpopular. It’s definitely their heaviest, and it’s chock full of moshable breakdowns, but the singing parts have got to go. Not that James Hart is a bad singer, but the writing and execution of these parts just… sucks. And all the lyrical clichés are cringe-worthy as well. This is the same guy that wrote a whole song about a velvet dress and made it sound interesting and now he can’t go 2 songs without talking about someone who lied or someone on their knees. Everyone seems to love it, though, because it’s a combination of …Ink and Obsession, so whatever.


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