I Woke Up Like This: Every Time I Die – “Fear and Trembling”

(day off & sleeping in edition)

I like Every Time I Die, so I find no pleasure in saying any of this,  but they ruin almost everything I like about them and/or our shared influences. My favorite record by them is Last Night in Town. They once did an interview where they basically shit all over that record and they never play any of those songs live… ever. However, they’ll play “Floater”, basically the song that made me go cold on them for over a decade, at nearly every show. They finally redeemed themselves (with me) on From Parts Unknown, but a friend of mine who interviewed them very recently told me they felt the album was rushed and that they weren’t very happy with the final product. It’s fine. I realize I’m in the minority when it comes to this band. It happens a lot, actually. My beef, though, regarding this song, is ETID’s inability to create inspired guest vocalist spots. If I hadn’t read that Daryl Palumbo was on “Champing at the Bit” I would have just assumed it was Keith. What’s the point on getting a guest vocalist if you can just do it yourself? Then there’s Greg Puciato. Another wasted opportunity, but I don’t like that song or record anyway. Next is Sean Ingram. Maybe Sean’s voice isn’t what it used to be, so it’s hard to blame ETID for the performance, but I’m assuming Sean didn’t write that horrendous chorus. Finally, we come to this song. I was so hyped to read that Tim Singer would be a guest vocalist on this record, and on the opening track no less. I would have never guess that’s him. It sounds more like grandpa Singer forcing out his final yell before he undergoes a tracheotomy. I’d be a little surprised if the guys in ETID are totally happy with what they got out of any of these vocalists because every one of the guest spots lacks what makes the vocalists iconic, but what do you do? Ask a legend for another take? Funny thing is, aside from the Puciato track, I do actually like all of these songs. They’re just painful enough sometimes to bitch about it on the internet.



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