Random Start: Cult Leader – “Gutter Gods”

I like to step away from impulse and take things in with some perspective, so I’m not going to say that Cult Leader’s debut album, Lightless Walk, is a 10/10 piece of art that should be thrust upon the pedestal of heavy music. However, we may be talking about this record in 5-10 years the same way we talk about Jane Doe or We Are the Romans and that it could join them in the Decibel Hall of Fame. Then again, I may end up playing it too many times between its release and the new year for me to care about it beyond 2015. To be reactionary, though, this is the album I had been wanting to hear since the release of Nothing for Us Here, and Lightless Walk has eclipsed that EP as well as removed any shadow cast by their previous band, be it musically or socially.



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